Frock Smiths

The Lifestyle Boutique for today's yummy mummies and time strapped trendies. Clothes, Shoes, accessories and assistance from 'Frock-Smiths' that quickly become your friends.

Our helpful family of 'Frocksmiths' and apprentices have been growing since the start and as such, we have seen your children grow and your tastes and needs change. We have seen you through job interviews, promotions and retirements. Through births, birthdays and holidays. Through the good times and the bad times we have made sure you looked fabulous at every turn. And perhaps most importantly, we have done it all with helpful advice and time won friendships.

It is these friendships that we are very proud of at Frocks Away. Our loyal customers are not just customers, they are friends and whether you are an old friend or will be visiting us for the first time, we look forward to seeing you in store very soon.

The History of Frocks Away

Established in 1984...

..Frocks Away started life as Early Clothing, a small children's boutique in North London. Nearly 30 years later we are still very much a part of the Muswell Hill scene, having evolved into an award winning and sophisticated answer to the life style needs of today's modern women.

The brainchild of ex teachers Wendy MacGregor and Jo Prudence, Early Clothing soon established its self as ‘the’ place to buy stylish kids clothing at good prices with great service. And Wendy and Jo carefully juggled growing Frocks Away and its offerings with family life and the six children they had between them.

Flash-forward nearly 30 years and those six kids are grown and the children's clothes now sit happily along side trendy women's garments, beautiful accessories and professionally fitted shoes. Sadly Jo left the business in 1998 but Wendy has risen to the challenge and counts Chairing the National Children’s Wear Association and speaking at many high profile fashion events amongst her many roles over the last 14 years.

In 2006 Emma, Wendy’s daughter joined the business and in March 2014 Emma is expecting her first child - hopefully the next generation at Frocks Away!

With both Wendy and Emma now at the helm, Frocks Away truly is a family affair!

Wendy MacGregor

The story of the Lady who started it all.

Wendy came to fashion retail via a pit stop as an art and PE teacher. Paul, Wendy’s husband, always says that Wendy taught P.E because it was the only thing she could spell. Now we all may laugh about this but this dyslexic businesswoman has guided Frocks Away through nearly 30 years and no fewer than three recessions. It’s Wendy’s down to earth sense of fun and fashion that has helped her. “A sense of humour and positive outlook has really helped me thought the years,” says Wendy “And now that my two kids have joined me in the business we certainly do laugh a lot! The fact they are mostly laughing at me is another thing all together.

Wendy’s favourite things:


Red clothes in general

Holidays in Italy


Emma Whittlestone

The Story of the lady who "runs" it all.

Emma has taken over the marketing and visual merchandising at Frocks Away. Newsletters, window displays and late night shopping evenings are all Emma’s babies. Mind you, if you ask Emma she is in charge of everything! This maybe a running joke at Frocks Away but single mindedness and passion are great attributes for a small business owner. It is these skills that Emma has brought to bare on the Muswell Hill Traders Group, which Emma founded in 2009, and Chairs. Emma and Wendy both sit on the Haringey Business Board and Emma’s enthusiasm coupled with Wendy’s business acumen make for a pretty dynamic team. Hard work and enthusiasm go along way in a small business and you will rarely find a day when either Emma, Mark or Wendy are not at Frocks Away. “Even on my days off, if I am sitting watching telly it is usually with my lap top on and my iphone in hand. No rest for the Wicked,” Emma smiles, “So I must be very wicked indeed!”

Emma’s favourite things:



Blue clothes (in fact at Frocks Away we have even nicknamed a shade ‘Emma Blue’)